Preventing Workplace Violence

Having an informed and prepared workforce is your best defense against workplace violence. SHIFT’s 30-minute online training course will help employees better understand the types of workplace violence risks inherent in their workplaces and how they can recognize warning signs and risk factors of violent behavior. The course will provide critical strategies on how to […]

Thriving in a Multi-Generational Workforce

The modern workforce is more diverse than ever in terms of gender, race, national origin, ability and age. We are working in a time when members of 5 distinct generations from the Silent Generation to Generation Z are actively participating in the workforce bringing with them a rich diversity of experiences, skills and perspectives. This […]

Building Cultural Competency in the Workplace

Today, more than ever before, we are working and interacting with people from all parts of the world with many different cultural backgrounds. One’s culture not only shows up in their language, religion and dress. It can also influence how a person thinks, communicates and views roles, relationships and concepts like time. This course will […]

Unconscious Bias: The Impact of Microaggressions

What are microaggressions? How can I avoid microaggressions? What should I do if I’m responsible for a microaggression? What can I do if I witness a microaggression?   Microaggressions are seemingly small insults that communicate negative or hostile messages about someone’s characteristics like race, gender, sexual orientation, or religion. Microaggressions can be intentional but are […]

Allyship in Action

This course helps employees understand how they can actively promote a culture of inclusion by being an ally.  Learners are taught the benefits of workplace allyship and motivated to act through empathy building examples and exercises.  SHIFT’s engaging course provides learners with clear, proactive strategies they have an opportunity to practice using in real-world scenarios. This course is developed towards WCAG compliance. […]

Building Employee Inclusion and Upstander Culture

Inclusion & Diversity Training As workplaces become more diverse and we regularly interact with colleagues from an increasing variety of backgrounds, it’s important to be mindful of the important role every person plays in creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel included, supported and valued. SHIFT’s online diversity training course improves the quality of […]

Creating a Culture of Civility & Respect in the Workplace

Employees appreciate working in an environment that is comfortable, inclusive, and free of inappropriate conduct and disrespectful behavior. SHIFT’s online training course outlines the expectations of organizational leadership to uphold a positive and productive workplace and to remind employees to carefully consider their everyday words and actions. Real-world situations and practical examples of positive behavior […]

Preventing Workplace Bullying

When bullying behavior happens in the workplace it creates an environment of fear and mistrust. Taking steps to ensure your workplace is free from bullying behavior has many benefits including happier, more productive employees. SHIFT’s highly interactive and engaging course provides useful strategies for preventing abusive behavior and offers an opportunity for learners to witness real world […]

Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace

The EEOC and many states’ employment laws interpret Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include discrimination protections for transgender individuals. As a result, companies and their employees cannot discriminate based on gender identity. SHIFT’s online training course provides learners with an understanding of the issues related to gender identity and transgender rights in […]


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