Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

Applicable Requirements: A positive work environment free from harassment and discrimination is required by law and necessary for the health and continued success of your business. SHIFT’s Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination course engages employees and supervisors in the development and maintenance of a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. This interactive training provides learners […]

Preventing Workplace Violence

Having an informed and prepared workforce is your best defense against workplace violence. SHIFT’s 30-minute online training course will help employees better understand the types of workplace violence risks inherent in their workplaces and how they can recognize warning signs and risk factors of violent behavior. The course will provide critical strategies on how to […]

Bystander Intervention

When employees are empowered to speak up when they witness inappropriate situations, you create an environment that doesn’t tolerate harassment, discrimination, or bullying. Bystander Intervention training provides employees the knowledge, skills, and encouragement they need to sustain a healthy working environment for everyone. This course is designed to meet Chicago mandated Bystander Intervention training requirements.

Code of Conduct: Cultivating Workplace Ethics & Preventing Bribery, Fraud & Corruption

Employers who are committed to operating with the highest standards of ethics and integrity understand that they must do more than simply provide their employees with a written code of conduct. The key in creating an ethical work environment is to ensure that every employee understands what that entails. SHIFT’s online training course serves as […]

Preventing Workplace Bullying

When bullying behavior happens in the workplace it creates an environment of fear and mistrust. Taking steps to ensure your workplace is free from bullying behavior has many benefits including happier, more productive employees. SHIFT’s highly interactive and engaging course provides useful strategies for preventing abusive behavior and offers an opportunity for learners to witness real world […]


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