Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination

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30 Minutes to 2 Hours


Supervisors and Non-Supervisory Employees

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Depending on State-Specific Mandates

Applicable Requirements:

A positive work environment free from harassment and discrimination is required by law and necessary for the health and continued success of your business. SHIFT’s Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination course engages employees and supervisors in the development and maintenance of a workplace free from harassment and discrimination. This interactive training provides learners with opportunities to engage with trending scenarios and real-world workplace issues and provides practical strategies for recognizing, preventing, managing and reporting harassment and discrimination when it occurs.

SHIFT understands that having well-informed employees is one step in building harassment and discrimination free workplaces.  But, to develop real positive culture change, employees need to be motivated through empathy and awareness.

SHIFT courses simplify complicated training requirements. Our streamlined course design allows learners to take ONE course to meet multiple jurisdictional mandates saving employees and administrators time and expense.


  • Recognize behaviors considered harassment and discrimination
  • Understand that sexual harassment is a form of unlawful discrimination
  • Know what reporting options are available
  • Identify retaliatory conduct
  • Supervisors develop ability to properly prevent and respond to employee concerns about harassment and discrimination
  • Clarify the difference between intention and impact
  • Motivate positive behavior change through empathy and awareness


Our streamlined course design allows learners to take ONE course and self-select the state(s) they work and manage in, while also helping administrators easily track the training employees completed.

  • Two Hours – Meets the mandated requirements of ALL states, including, California and Connecticut.
  • One Hour – Meets the mandated requirements of Delaware, Maine, Illinois and New York City/State ONLY.
  • 30 Minutes – Meets the mandated requirements of DelawareMaineIllinois and New York City/State ONLY.




California Compliant
All Employees
30 Min


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