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Supervisors and Non-Supervisory Employees

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As companies continue to enhance their efforts towards creating a more diversified and inclusive workplace, it’s important that they address the needs of employees of all abilities. Employers must consider many things to ensure all their employees feel like they belong and their work environment is conducive to their success.


SHIFT’s online training course was built with the goal in mind of building inclusive work environments where employees of all abilities are made to feel included, supported, and comfortable to be their authentic selves.  We utilize engaging interactions, compelling testimonials and practical, real-world examples in our course to raise awareness about what it means to be supportive and inclusive of employees with disabilities.  The course explores best practices for working with and supervising employees with Physical, Invisible, Mental, and Emotional disabilities as well as neuro-diverse individuals.


This course is offered in two versions, for supervisors and non-supervisory employees.


The supervisor version of this course also explores best practices managing and hiring employees with disabilities. It specifically explores best practices for:

  • Interviewing
  • Managing
  • Making accommodations
  • Providing job performance evaluations

Rob Doodian
Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resource Officer, AMC Networks

We had a great experience working with SHIFT. They took the time to understand our culture and were very responsive and flexible to make sure that the training met the needs of our organization, both eLearning and on-site. The feedback that we received about the live training from our senior leaders was very positive.

James Cohen
Director of Strategic Alliances at Corporate Training Group, Inc.

In my opinion, harassment training is all the same, boring and uninspired. However, after seeing this training program, I am thoroughly impressed. It's current and engaging and nothing like what I've ever seen before.

Rob Finney
President at CommCapp

I am very pleased with the decision to use SHIFT’s Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Training. I believe online training of this caliber is something which all businesses should consider because of its ease and effectiveness.

Pat Sheehan
CEO at Elevation, LLC

Cultures just don’t happen in my experience; a workplace where performance, professionalism and the customer are valued, sets the tone. This type of course is a great supplement for any workplace.


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