Social Media in the Workplace

There is a growing blur between our work and private lives. Changes in technology and the popularity of so many different social media outlets has made this an increasingly complicated area for organizations to manage. Employment attorney and President of SHIFT, Katherin Nukk-Freeman, helps explain what employers and hiring managers should and shouldn’t do regarding […]

Bystander Intervention Training

Creating an Upstander Culture. Learn why the EEOC recommends that companies should consider providing bystander intervention training as a tool for reducing incidences of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Click on iTunes to listen to the full podcast..

How Unconscious Bias Can Lead to Claims of Harassment and Discrimination.

Employment law attorney and SHIFT’s President, Katherin Nukk-Freeman, Esq. and Social Psychologist, Carolyn Wall, PhD, discuss how our biases can lead to real risks of harassment and discrimination claims in the workplace. Carolyn provides information about the types of unconscious biases we often see manifesting in workplace situations and Katherin offers practical advise for employers […]

Bias and the Brain

Social Psychologist and Unconscious Bias expert, Carolyn Wall, PhD. helps listeners understand what we mean when we talk about unconscious bias. Carolyn explains how and why our human brains are naturally designed to make quick decisions and snap judgments and how we can all learn to interrupt our biases and align our behavior with our good […]


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