Elevate Your Reputation by Investing in DEI Training

Build Loyalty & Trust with Employees & Customers How quickly can your organization’s reputation be damaged? Just ask the Kansas City Chiefs and the NFL. Their answer: very quickly.  All it takes is one person affiliated with an organization to make a controversial statement. Read more about how SHIFT can help elevate your reputation and […]

Fighting Racism: How to Move Beyond Allyship

To move beyond allyship, we need to acknowledge that certain groups, such as women and minorities, face barriers and injustices that others don’t. It’s time to proactively work to dismantle those barriers and create a more equitable workplace for all our colleagues. In other words, we need to become accomplices in the fight against prejudices […]

Is it Time to Champion DEI or Opt for Silence?

SHIFT & CHIEF Agree We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion matter in today’s economic and social environment, and CHIEF agrees. As one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential Companies of 2023, CHIEF is the private network executive women rely on to maximize their leadership impact, and their latest research is straight from the C-Suite. CHIEF’s report […]

Why Free Training is Disappointing: Value Matches Investment

Expert-Developed HR Compliance Training Versus No-Cost Training While the no-cost training option might appear to represent a legitimate choice, that appearance is misleading. When it comes to fostering diverse, effective, and engaging cultures within organizations, investing in expert-developed training programs offers significant benefits. Download our report and side-by-side comparison chart here.

Quality Vs Quantity In E-Learning

QUALITY VS QUANTITY IN E-LEARNING: DO CONTENT AGGREGATORS COMPROMISE TRAINING INITIATIVES? Learn why it is crucial to grasp the pitfalls and hurdles your organization may face with content aggregators’ vast offerings. Download our report here.

SHIFT CA Workplace Violence Mandate – Prioritize Focus

SHIFT CA Workplace Violence Mandate – Prioritize Focus California’s Workplace Violence mandate goes into effect on July 1, 2024, but the time to start preparing is NOW. It’s anticipated that Cal/OSHA will begin to focus on workplace violence prevention in advance of the compliance deadline. Download our report for more information.


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