Unconscious Bias: Shifting From Awareness To Action

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Unconscious Bias: Shifting From Awareness To Action

Unconscious Bias: Shifting From Awareness To Action
Supervisors-40 Min
Non-Supervisor-30 Min

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How do our brains process bias?
How and when are we most susceptible to bias thinking?
What are the impacts of bias behavior?
What strategies can we implement to lessen the impact of bias in our everyday interactions?

Research has shown that it is easy to spot bias in others. It’s much more difficult to recognize our own biases. This course focuses on helping employees to recognize their own biases, understand how and when they are most susceptible to relying on their biases and learn which strategies will work best to help prevent and interrupt bias from influencing their workplace interactions.

Learners will have the opportunity to take their awareness and knowledge of Unconscious Bias to the next level. They will engage with real-life scenarios that raise awareness and empathy inspiring them to take steps towards positive behavior changes to create more inclusive cultures.

Administrators have the flexibility to roll out this training as one comprehensive 30-minute employee/40-minute supervisor course OR create a learning journey to deploy 10-minute standalone modules on a timetable that works for their organization.


The 4 modules are:

  1. Unconscious Bias: Recognizing It in Ourselves and Others
  2. Unconscious Bias: Moving Beyond Awareness
  3. Unconscious Bias: The Impact of Microaggressions
  4. Unconscious Bias: What Supervisors Need to Know


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Learning Objectives

  • Helps employees learn how to recognize their own biases
  • Presents the learner a deeper level of understanding of how their brains process bias
  • Creates empathy and an awareness of how biased actions and words may be perceived.
  • Provides opportunities to practice strategies for preventing and interrupting bias in workplace situations
  • Presents scenarios and offers strategies for multiple perspectives including targets, bystanders, and those responsible.

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