Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace


Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace
All Employees-15 Min

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The EEOC and many states’ employment laws interpret Title VII of the Civil Rights Act to include discrimination protections for transgender individuals. As a result, companies and their employees cannot discriminate based on gender identity. SHIFT’s online training course provides learners with an understanding of the issues related to gender identity and transgender rights in the workplace. Learners are provided with an opportunity to learn and practice how they can create an inclusive workplace environment that is respectful of everyone, including their transgender colleagues and customers.

This course is developed towards WCAG compliance.

SHIFT developed this course with the goal of making it as accessible as possible to the broadest group of learners. This includes:

  • optimizing all screens for use with screen-reader devices
  • adding closed captioning
  • providing alternative functionality to complex interactions
  • providing clear navigation instructions
  • including image descriptions where necessary

Learning Objectives

  • Create a work environment that is welcoming and safe for all transgender employees, clients and visitors
  • Increase awareness and understanding of issues facing transgender individuals in the workplace
  • Create an understanding of the role every employee plays in creating an inclusive environment

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