How to Be an Upstander in the Face of Racism


How to Be an Upstander in the Face of Racism
All Employees-30 Min

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Creating an anti-racist environment is vital in order for organizations to succeed. SHIFT’s online training course uses current real-world scenarios that provide the learners with tools to become an ally in the face of racism. Understanding that employees come to the issue of race with different backgrounds and perspectives, learners are encouraged and provided tools for taking positive actions. The course’s engaging and interactive scenarios take the learner through impactful racist behaviors that have an effect on individuals to build empathy. The course urges learners to be more than bystanders when faced with racism.

This course is developed towards WCAG compliance.

SHIFT developed this course with the goal of making it as accessible as possible to the broadest group of learners. This includes:

  • optimizing all screens for use with screen-reader devices
  • adding closed captioning
  • providing alternative functionality to complex interactions
  • providing clear navigation instructions
  • including image descriptions where necessary

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to be more inclusive
  • Learn to identify remarks and behaviors that can be considered racist or insensitive
  • Identify and practice using proactive strategies to intervene when you witness racist remarks or actions

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