Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

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Code of Conduct and Business Ethics

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics
Cultivating Workplace Ethics and Preventing Bribery, Fraud and Corruption-45 Min
Cultivating Workplace Ethics-25min

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Learning Objectives

  • To provide a clear understanding of what constitutes appropriate workplace conduct and good business ethics
  • To provide examples of appropriate and inappropriate behavior
  • To provide information on what employee should do if they are faced with or witness violations of their organization’s code of conduct policy
  • To provide interactive situations that allow the learner to demonstrate they understand key concepts and practice making appropriate decisions

Employers who are committed to operating with the highest standards of ethics and integrity understand that they must do more than simply provide their employees with a written code of conduct. The key in creating an ethical work environment is to ensure that every employee understands what that entails. SHIFT’s online training course serves as a guide to help your employees better understand how to best maintain the highest ethical standards in their everyday actions and business dealings. It covers topics such as understanding business ethics, conflicts of interest, gifts and entertainment, fair competition, insider trading, confidential information, corruption, bribery and fraud.

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