Navigating the Complex World of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Regulations

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Navigating the Complex World of Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Regulations

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The effects of workplace harassment and discrimination can be far-reaching, not only creating toxic work environments, but they often lead to decreased morale, decreased productivity, increased turnover, and potential legal consequences for employers. The effects can be even more acute for the victims who often suffer emotionally, mentally, and physically.


This makes properly addressing issues of workplace harassment and discrimination not only the ethical choice and a necessary business decision, but it has become a legal requirement in a growing number of jurisdictions.


As of this publication, there are at least 11 jurisdictions in the United States with at least some sexual harassment training requirements. While no two training mandates are exactly alike, there are a few commonalities including a requirement to include legal standards, examples of harassment, legal remedies, how to contact government agencies and supervisor responsibilities.


Mandates tend do differ on the required length of the training, how often employees need to be trained, how soon after hire or promotion employees should receive training and in some cases what additional topics need to be included, such as bystander intervention or abusive conduct.


Navigating how to comply with multiple regulations is tricky. It’s imperative that organizations have a trusted process for ensuring compliance, especially if they operate or have employees located in multiple jurisdictions.  This has become a concern for a growing number of organizations as remote workers have become more common in almost every industry.


Written by Jeannie Gutridge

Executive Vice President at SHIFT HR Compliance Training


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