How to be an Intentional Ally in the Workplace


How to be an Intentional Ally in the Workplace



Today, workplace allyship is not a “nice to have”, it must be a priority to build a culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Teams succeed when they are inclusive and diverse and allyship is more vital today than ever before.

Many find themselves asking…

“How can I become an ally to my colleagues?”  or  “How can I be a better ally and help marginalized groups in the workplace?”

According to a Change Catalyst study, 50% of women and 53% of LGBTQIA+ professionals report they are more likely to stay at their current job when they have allies at work. The research also shows that employees who had 2 or more allies were nearly twice as likely to be satisfied with their job, satisfied with their workplace culture, and feel like they belong in the organization.

During this webinar, our Co-Founder and President, Katherin Nukk-Freeman, Esq. and our guest-panelists, Tammy Mata, Esq., Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Valley Bank (formerly with New York Life and Bank of America) and Kam Wong, Esq., SVP, Fair Employment Practices, EEO Compliance Counsel, and Workplace Initiatives at NBC Universal (formerly with Prudential Financial) discuss their DEIB leadership experiences at the many forward-thinking organizations they have worked and critical aspects of workplace allyship:

– Understanding Allyship
– Importance of Workplace Allyship
– What Does Workplace Allyship Look Like?
– Allyship Best Practices

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