New Harassment Training Course
Designed with Inclusion in Mind

The newest harassment prevention course from SHIFT was built for your modern workplace. Engage your workforce with a current and thought-provoking interactive experience that will empower them to take inclusive action to prevent harassment and discrimination.

Realism with positive, on-the-spot coaching will give your employees a new level of confidence in uncertain situations.

The just released SHIFT course, Preventing Workplace Discrimination and Harassment utilizes video scenarios your employees will find reflect today’s evolving workplace. The gray areas are explored via realistic interactive experiences to offer employees the opportunity to learn what is and is not harassing behavior.

  • Course Focuses on Empathy – Evoking empathy is the precursor to positive behavior change. When a learner feels something, they will want to do something. 

  • Impact Versus Intent – Teaches employees how even well-intentioned conduct can go awry when the impact of the behavior negatively affects colleagues.

  • Easy to Manage and Administer – Different training mandates in multiple states makes managing training complex – until now. SHIFT’s new course automates the delivery of compliant content to your employees now matter where they are located.

To download a brief overview explaining the benefits and new features of SHIFT's new course, or to schedule a demo to see the newest course:

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