Harassment Claims are Expensive and Preventable

The average settlement cost of a single harassment claim averages about $37,000 plus legal fees, expenses, and lost productivity. Cases that go to trial generally cost about $217,000. But - you can prevent these expensive claims by providing effective harassment prevention training.

Prevention begins when you give employees the tools to create a safe workplace for everyone

The newest SHIFT course, Preventing Workplace Discrimination sand Harassment provides employees the tools they need in today’s workplace.

  • Bystander Intervention Techniques – Employees will lear everyone is responsible for a safe work environment. You employees will learn how they can effectively intervene when they witness inappropriate behavior.
  • Effective Supervisor Actions – Supervisors frequently hear about or know about a situation long before HR. Your supervisors will learn coaching techniques, and they will learn how, what and when to document an occurrence.
  • Constructive Coaching and Positive Feedback – The new course teaches through positive reinforcement and clear coaching as employees make choices and interact with the course. The coaching helps guide employees and supervisors to the best possible outcome in each situation.

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