Creating a Sustainable Shift
A Powerful Learning Management System

SHIFT’s proprietary Learning Management System (LMS) is a cloud-based platform that allows you to easily enroll thousands of employees at once. SHIFT’s LMS also allows for the tracking and monitoring of employee progress and completion as well as the administration of multiple training courses at once. Using the latest technology allows us to enhance the learning experience for long-lasting impact.

Bulk Enrollment

We understand that the quicker learners are enrolled, the faster you can train. That’s why you can utilize our bulk enrollment feature, which enrolls thousands of learners at one time in minutes, regardless of your company size.

Administer, Track, and Report Learner’s Progress

Administering training can be time-consuming, but we cut this time down by tracking a learner’s activity in the course so you know what progress they’ve made or if they have completed the course, in real-time. You can also customize and run your own reports for record-keeping.

Certificate of Completion

Not only, can you track learner’s progress, we provide each learner with a certificate confirming they have completed the course.

We Respect the Learner’s Time

We understand a learner’s time is valuable, which is why our LMS allows learners to access the training course at any time. Our LMS bookmarks the learner’s progress in the course which allows a learner to log out and return to the course at a later, more convenient time.

Centralized Location

If you are enrolling learners in various courses, we help you stay organized by allowing you to manage the courses in one centralized place.

Multiple Devices

SHIFT courses are accessible on Desktops, Laptops, or Tablets, giving learners the freedom to choose the device that is most convenient for them.

We Integrate with Your LMS

We design our courses to work seamlessly in any LMS and package our courses using SCORM 1.2, the most widely adopted version available.

Cloud Technologies

SHIFT leverages cloud technologies to provide our clients with a more streamlined implementation process throughout the life of a training course.

Ease of Access

Enjoy flexibility in accessing and running your training content. We enable learners to focus on the content and learning experience, not maneuvering through technological roadblocks.

Seamless Updates

SHIFT continuously monitors our courses to reflect up-to-date legal mandates, and we seamlessly update courses that are hosted on client LMS platforms via the cloud. Our process prevents messy file-sharing and user disruption.

Distribution Freedom

Courses can be distributed to learners through an LMS or through a private invitation email. We want to work within the most efficient and stress-free system for your team.


Settings are fine-tuned to conform to your LMS system to allow for a more comfortable and engaged experience. Optimizing the learner’s experience ensures your organization effectively distributes lessons without distractions and frustrations.

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