Our Mission at SHIFT

At SHIFT, we are devoted to transforming workplace cultures. We believe that employees thrive in a work environment that fosters inclusivity, empathy, and compassion. We are here to help organizations SHIFT their cultures from those of assumptions, biases, and toxic work environments to spaces that ignite inclusive conversations and empathetic approaches.

Our mission is to empower organizations with the knowledge and tools they need to proactively address issues or prevent concerns associated with HR Compliance and DEI. We offer a range of courses designed by experts in human resources, DEI, e-learning, social psychology, and legal requirements. 

For us at SHIFT, we strive to provide a platform for positive change that impacts the culture at large, one organization at a time.

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Our Core Values

Cultivate Thriving Cultures

Cultivate Thriving Cultures

  • Devoted to helping our clients achieve their cultural aspirations
  • Craft courses that resonate with our clients’ goals, fostering a culture of empathy and active listening.

Foster a Proactive Mindset

Drive Results with a Proactive Mindset

  • Develop innovative content that develops empathy and motivates action.
  • Cultivate a mindset of proactivity and positivity that propels our clients’ culture forward.

Lead the Charge towards Positive Change

Lead the Charge towards Positive Change

  • Embrace and uphold unwavering standards of excellence.
  • Drive positive change throughout every workplace.

Transform the Workplace with Lasting Impact

Transform the Workplace with Lasting Impact

  • Guide with an empathetic and solution-oriented approach that empowers employees.
  • Challenge the status quo of HR compliance and DEI training to make a meaningful difference.


As co-founders of SHIFT HR Compliance Training, LLC and Nukk-Freeman & Cerra, P.C., Katherin and Suzanne bring over 40 combined years of expertise in advising corporate leaders on how to proactively address and manage workplace issues. They have a proven track record of helping companies navigate complex legal challenges related to harassment and discrimination complaints, unconscious bias, disability and leave law, wage and hour disputes, social media risks, staff reductions in force, and high-risk terminations.

With a passion for empowering their clients, Katherin and Suzanne have formed partnerships with numerous organizations to provide expert guidance and instruction, enabling their clients to better manage and proactively address their training programs. Their consulting services cover a wide range of employment law issues, helping clients avoid costly litigation and ensuring their companies remain compliant with legal standards.

Together, Katherin and Suzanne are committed to making a meaningful impact on organizations and their cultures, by offering tailored solutions that prioritize their clients’ needs and empower their employees.

Katherin Nukk-Freeman

Co-Founder, President and Chief Culture Officer

Suzanne Cerra


Nicole Burton-Gill

Senior Vice President Head of Culture and Organizational Development

Anne Sommi Edmondson

Executive Vice President, Culture and Organizational Development

Paul Diaz

Director, Culture and Organizational Development

Jeannie Gutridge

Executive Vice President, Culture and Organizational Development

Leslie Oberhuber

Vice President, Product Development and Implementation

Carolyn Wall

Vice President, Social Science Research

Regina Feeney

Vice President, Operations and Finance

Marisol Hernandez

Manager, Marketing and Sales Operations

Karen Byington

Director of Content Development

Dillon Freeman

Director of Implementation

Robert Calamari

Front End Developer

Jen Rein

Manager, Sales Operations


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