Using our customized and collaborative process, we ensure that your SHIFT HR compliance training program:

  • Aligns with your core business objectives
  • Reflects your organization’s values and culture
  • Brings about positive behavioral change throughout your organization

Co-Founder - Katherin Nukk-Freeman

Katherin Nukk-Freeman

Co-Founder of SHIFT

Katherin is the Co-Founder of SHIFT. As a employment law training instructor and industry thought leader, Katherin partners with clients to develop and implement strategies to manage risk, comply with the law, increase productivity and create an overall better workplace.

Co-Founder - Suzanne Cerra

Suzanne Cerra

Co-Founder of SHIFT

Suzanne is the Co-Founder of SHIFT. As an employment law attorney, Suzanne has devoted her career to representing employers, helping them to avoid litigation wherever possible, and rigorously litigating cases in all areas of employment law. Suzanne is a strategic partner and trusted advisor to all her clients.

Director of Product Development - Leslie Oberholser

Leslie Oberhuber

Director of Product Development at SHIFT

Leslie is the Director of Product Development at SHIFT. Leslie has devoted her career to helping clients develop creative and highly effective customized online course materials. She has guided instructors and learners through the implementation process and provided ongoing support and training to ensure a consistently smooth online experience.

Director of Social Science Research - Carolyn Wall

Carolyn Wall

Director of Social Science Research at SHIFT

Carolyn is the Director of Social Science Research at SHIFT. She holds a Ph.D. in social psychology from Stanford University, where her research focused on unconscious biases and shortcomings in social inference that give rise to misunderstanding and conflict. Carolyn is excited to use her knowledge and experience to inform SHIFT’s innovative approach to HR compliance training.

Senior Director of Client Development - Colleen O'neill-Groves

Colleen O’Neill-Groves

Senior Director of Client Development at SHIFT

Colleen is a Senior Director of Client Development at SHIFT. Her greatest passion is to introduce innovative products and services that address vital business issues and concerns. Colleen prides herself on “knowing the audience” and partnering with clients to provide the best solutions to help them reach their business goals.

Director of Client Development - Anne-edmondson

Anne Sommi Edmondson

Senior Director of Client Development at SHIFT

Anne is a Senior Director of Client Development at SHIFT. Anne has 24+ years of experience as a relationship builder and trusted advisor in the compliance-driven world of records management. With a strong background in technology driven solutions, her core skill is to translate needs into actionable results.

Director of Marketing - Colleen Ho

Colleen Ho

Director of Marketing at SHIFT

Colleen is the Director of Marketing at SHIFT. Colleen has spent her career developing marketing strategies to reach targeted audiences. She tries to find simple solutions for complex problems and enjoys when customers connect with the right product for their needs.

Manager of Client Development - Karen Byington

Karen Byington

Manager of Business Development at SHIFT

Karen is the Manager of Client Development at SHIFT. She has devoted her career to delivering client solutions with the highest level of customer service. Karen’s primary focus is developing innovative and creative solutions to both business and client needs. She is passionate about helping clients build positive, diverse and inclusive work environments that boost employee morale and productivity.

Implementation Specialist - Dillon Freeman

Dillon Freeman

Implementation Specialist at SHIFT

Dillon is an Implementation Specialist at SHIFT. He is dedicated to providing a smooth implementation process for all our clients. He works hard to provide ongoing client support for administrators and learners. Dillon is very skilled at developing smart technology solutions.

Sales and Marketing Coordinator - Andrea Suarez

Andrea Suarez

Sales & Marketing Coordinator at SHIFT

Andrea is a Sales & Marketing Coordinator at SHIFT. She is passionate about collaborating with colleagues to create engaging training programs. Andrea also ensures that clients receive the highest level of customer service at all times. As an added bonus, Andrea provides translation assistance from English to Spanish for SHIFT training programs.


“I definitely found this training effective. The content was presented well. The critical thinking exercises brought principles, regulations, laws, and required actions to life.”

-Elsa, Academic Program Manager


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