Learn how our Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination courses meet what is legally required while also engaging your workforce with real life scenarios.

We can help you create a comprehensive training program to address the needs of your company and ensure you meet the New York state requirements.

If your company is located in New York, you are in a state that will soon require Anti-Harassment Training. Contact us to learn more about the New York State and New York City requirements to find out what needs to be taught and to who, within your company.

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  • Preventing Workplace Harrassment and Discrimination (CA, CT, & ME Compliant)
  • Unconscious Bias In The Workplace
  • Preventing and Managing Workplace Bullying
  • Transgender Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Creating a Culture of Civility and Respect in the Workplace
  • Building Employee Inclusion and Promoting an Upstander Culture
  • The Do's and Don'ts For Using Social Media in the Workplace
  • Business Ethics/Code of Conduct

SHIFT Differentiator



At SHIFT we lead with our content.  SHIFT’s content respects the learner and makes even the most seasoned, enlightened HR Executives THINK.  This quality content is SHIFT’s biggest differentiator.


SHIFT offers unique dynamic video interactions.  SHIFT’s video interaction changes based on the choices made by the learner.  This dynamic experience provides each learner with a unique form of engagement not found in other courses.

Real-life, nuanced scenarios and role play

SHIFT provides real-life, nuanced scenarios, as well as role play for managers to practice handling harassment/discrimination issues.

Active Engagement

Learners retain 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear and 80% of what they experience. SHIFT’s courses introduce the law and apply experiential learning delivered through scenarios to increase retention and drive behavior change.


SHIFT includes gamification to increase engagement.


SHIFT’s microlearning:

  • Combines short, modular learning that focuses on one skill or topic, available for viewing on multi-platforms.
  • Allows the learner to view or review a module at any point in time for an education on a targeted subject matter, to maximize retention.

Best Practices in eLearning

SHIFT uses best practices in elearning to ensure employees learn and are engaged, as well as testing the learner and providing immediate feedback on their results. eLearning takes half the time to cover the same material as in person training. This makes training time efficient which is important for everyone from the C-Suite to hourly employees.

Builds Empathy

SHIFT’s courses are designed to build empathy and teach the learner how to incorporate empathy into their interactions with colleagues.  In the workplace, people are more apt to change when they understand how their behavior impacts colleagues.

Unconscious Bias

SHIFT moves beyond legal requirement to include topics like Unconscious Bias.  The EEOC recommends that when companies train on the subject of Harassment and Discrimination, they should include the subject of Unconscious Bias.

Redundancy Principle

SHIFT applies the Redundancy Principle to all of its courses.

  • The Redundancy Principle states that presenting words in both text and audio narration can hurt learning and the ability to process information.
  • Use of audio voice over can detract from the personalized learning experience.
  • The pace of spoken word is often slower than a learner’s ability to read creating frustration on the part of the learner.
  • Audio voiceover can lead to learner multi-tasking resulting in multi-tasking resulting in loss of focus and learning.

Created by Employment Lawyers

Created by Employment Lawyers with extensive experience advising clients on harassment/discrimination issues in the workplace.

Social Psychologist on Staff

A Social Psychologist with PhD from Stamford University advises on course materials related to Unconscious Bias.

Secure an Affirmative Defense

SHIFT’s Preventing Harassment and Discrimination courses are compliant and can be used for an affirmative defense.

California, Connecticut and Maine Law compliant

SHIFT’s courses are compliant with the laws in these states.

Course Updates to Include Changes in Legislation

SHIFT draws on top rated employment attorneys to update the courses as laws change to ensure the courses are always compliant and include the latest legislation.


Customization is available and will be quoted upon request.

Runs on SHIFT’s LMS or your LMS

SHIFT courses maybe hosted on SHIFT’s LMS or loaded into the client’s LMS via SCORM Compliant file.

Easy to Administer

SHIFT provides white glove customer service from Client Development to its experience Implementation team.  Auto-enroll employees, track completion, and ensure compliance.

What Our Customers Think Of Us:

Cultures just don’t happen in my experience; a workplace where performance, professionalism and the customer are valued, sets the tone. This type of course is a great supplement for any workplace.
Pat Sheehan
CEO at Elevation LLC
I am very pleased with the decision to use SHIFT’s Preventing Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Training. I believe online training of this caliber is something which all businesses should consider because of its ease and effectiveness.
Rob Finney
President, CommCapp
In my opinion, harassment training is all the same, boring and uninspired. However, after seeing this training program, I am thoroughly impressed. It's current and engaging and nothing like what I've ever seen before.
James Cohen
Director of Strategic Alliances, Corporate Training Group, Inc.